What do you mean with fully edited high resolution jpg-images?

Every Image has been edited in some way and is color corrected if needed. The resolution of an image is defined by the camera and the crop.
Depending on the camera and the crop, the image size and final resolution will vary. You get the highest resolution available for each photo.

There are many different file formats available, however I will provide my clients with image-files in JPG format only. No excemption!


When are my pictures available for download?

Usually your images are ready for selection within a few days. Depending on the session it may take as long as 2 weeks.
After the proofs are uploaded, I will email or message you and provide you with a link and a password to your personal proofing galery.
Once you made your final selection I remove the watermarks and will realease the selected images for download.

I will also email you the print release for the selected images.


Can I get images in a different style like black and white or sepia?

In addition to the standard images in the proofing gallery I sometimes upload a few examples in different styles.
If you decide to choose one of the examples or would like to have a certain style applied to any other image there is a charge of $10.00 in addition to any fee that may apply to the original image.

A more artistic execution like a painterly style will be charged based on effort.


Do you retouch the images?

I am trying to keep the image of the person as natural as possible with just a minimun of retouching. However, I will try to remove temporary imperfections, like an insekt bite or a litle scab if necesarry.

Heavy retouching is not included in any session.


Do you post a sneak preview on Facebook of some of my shots?

In order to provide you with a sneak preview I need to have a signed photo release from any person that is in the photo. Only then I can post a sneak preview on Facebook. Please feel free to tag friends and family.


What happens when the weather is not our friend?

I love natural light. That being said, I like to help the natural light to get to a higher level. And with additional lighting we can get around of a lot of situations, like when the sky does not deliver the light we wish for. I am using off camera flash, difuser, and reflectors all the time to get the best images. But sometimes, when we look for a certain style or when it's raining we just have to reschedule last minute. I will do my very best to find another day for the shooting you have booked. 


Do you have a referral program?

I honor your loyalty and will appreciate new referrals. Please ask your friend to mention your name when booking the session with me and I will give you and my new client a 10% credit on a regular priced session. Your credit will be valid for a year and you may use up to 6 refferals for your next regular priced session.